KRAV will be participating in a pavilion for the third consecutive year at the fast-growing Natural & Organic Asia (NOA) fair.

KRAV says that attendance at the NOA fair has been a key factor in helping Swedish organic brands become established in the region. Almnäs Bruk, for example, has become the first Swedish company authorized to sell products as organic in China. Munkagrodden, which grows KRAV-labelled sprouts, has had a presence in the City Super store in Hong Kong since March 2017, and baby food manufacturer Alex & Phil is listed on the e-commerce company

“It is amazing that we can finally sell our products on the Chinese market. To exhibit at the NOA exhibition was the start of this trip,” says Thomas Berglund, CEO of Almnäs Bruk.

KRAV sees Asia as a key export market for organic. “The prices of organic food in Southeast Asia’s metropolitan areas are often more than twice as high as in Sweden. Products from Europe enjoy a high level of trust, and Sweden is reputed to be one of the cleanest countries, with companies that can be trusted. Even though the cost of sales is higher, there are smart solutions for shipping and distribution, yet making exports profitable, says Johan Cejie, sales manager at KRAV.

Demand of Swedish Certified Organic Products Increasing in Asia

Exports of KRAV-labeled goods increased by 19 percent in 2016 and the Asian market is seen as a key to that export success.

On his visit to the Moreorganic Sweden eco shop in Hong Kong on 10 May, 2017, Sweden’s minister for agriculture, Sven-Erik Bucht commented: ‘Demand for organic food has increased in both Hong Kong and China in recent years. Therefore, these types of investments are very important as they make it easier for Swedish food producers to find a way into the Asian market. In our food strategy, we foresee further growth for both Swedish food production and a rising export opportunity. That is important for jobs and sustainable growth.”

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