• Booth no.: H06
  • Company: One Organic Limited
  • Product Category:  The Natural Food Show
  • Products: One Organic Soy Sauce

Profile and Product Description:
One Organic aims to offer superior organic alternatives for everyday essentials. One Organic Soy Sauce is available in Chinese and Japanese flavor. Made with organic rice and non-GMO soybean, it is vegan and gluten free. The product is USDA and EU certified organic with no preservatives, colorant or added MSG. Suitable for raw or cooked food.[:zh]

  • 展位編號: H06
  • 參展商: One Organic Limited
  • 產品類別:  天然有機食品
  • 產品: One Organic 有機豉油

One Organic提供有機的基本食材,希望每個人都可以享受到有機食品的好處。One Organic有機豉油有日式和中式兩種口味。以有機大米和無基因改造的黃豆生產,是不含麩質的素食豉油。產品獲美國歐盟有機認證,無防腐劑、色素、不添加味精。生熟食物均可使用。[:]