We know your time is valuable and we understand your need of finding the most suitable exhibitors for business discussion with less time and effort to be devoted. Therefore we would like to recommend you to take part in our Business Matching Programme and let us save you from the time-consuming process of finding suitable exhibitors and arranging meetings with them.

Why do you need our assistance?

  • To save time and effort for finding suitable exhibitors and arranging meetings;
  • To allow exhibitors to spare time and prepare well for meeting you;
  • To ensure you can meet with the senior management of the exhibitors;
  • To have the meetings being held in the exclusive meeting rooms

What do you need to do?

Simply fill in the form below and then our Business Matching Team will contact you for further arrangement. Apart from letting us know the products you are interested in sourcing, you may also inform us the individual exhibitors (Online Exhibitor List) that you are intended to meet. We will arrange meetings for you according to your requirements.

Thank you very much for your support and we hope that you will have fruitful meetings with our exhibitors.

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