Asia, with abundant business opportunities, is going to become another important market for the natural and organic suppliers from Finland. Hong Kong is an ideal platform for Finnish suppliers to enter the promising regional market.

“The market is almost untouched by Finnish suppliers still but it is starting to boom. This is the right time to enter, because the trends for ecological and clean food are emerging at the moment in Asia,” said Anna Raisanen, Executive Director of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Anna continued that Hong Kong was really the flagship location where the trends started, so as a location it was ideal. It had an international vibe and people tried new things more daringly. Also it was regarded as a trusted gateway to China. Hong Kong was a trendsetter for many other cities in Asia.

Anna is confident that the natural and organic products from Finland will be able to satisfy the Asian consumers’ needs.

“Finnish products are extremely clean and pure. We have the purest water in the world and that is what we use to water our crops,” said Anna. “Also the ground gets frozen every year so the bacteria die completely and very effectively. This means less pest control or poisons to kill bacteria need to be used and the food is cleaner. Also Finnish taste is wild and exotic and Asians are really foodies who are eager to explore different cuisines and tastes.”

5 Minutes with Puhdistamo

Puhdistamo, headquarted in Lempäälä, Finland, is a dynamic superfood company that designs and manufactures delicious and easy to use products from carefully selected Finnish ingredients, state of the art liquid plant extracts and delicious freeze dried berries from wild nature. This year, Puhdistamo will exhibit at NOPA and we have talked to Mr. Joni Laiho, Export Director of Puhdistamo about their business plan in Asia and the Finnish natural and organic products.

Can you tell us something about Puhdistamo? 

We have 50 employees at our headquarter in Lempäälä, Finland. Our aim is to make very nutritious products without any fillers, additives or chemicals.

We are particularly interested in making products from the pristine, pure forests of Finland.

What makes Finland unique in the global natural and organic sector?

We call Finland “The Capital of Nature”, since 99% of all Finnish forest qualify as Organic Collection Area. Actually, of all these areas (Organic Collection Areas) in the world, 35% are in Finland.

Why do you decide to expand your business to the Asian market? Which Asian countries are top of your list?

Over the years we have been contacted by a lot of Asian consumers and companies asking for products. However since we have had our hands full in our domestic market growth, we haven’t been able to serve these potential customers. Now this is changing, as we are starting to expand to Asia and we hope to target the wealthy and/or health conscious consumers who want to have luxury products that are of superior nutrition. Of Asian countries our top-list is: Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam.

What will you bring to NOPA 2017?

We will bring three top products from Finland:

  • Instant Chaga (powder): A ready to use powder for hot drink. It is a extraction of medicinal Chaga Mushroom that has traditional medicinal qualities
  • Blue Chaga (powder): A combination of two superstars of Finnish forest: Freeze dried Wild Bilberry, high-anthocyanin bilberry extract and Wild Chaga extract. Makes a good tasting hot beverage.
  • Pine Bark Juice (drink): Extracted from the bark of three different conifer trees of Finland – a traditional recipe to make this “Forest Juice” which is bursting with antioxidants and other healthy nutrients.

Who do you want to meet at NOPA?

In each country we first need a reliable and professional Importer company. And of course we wish to meet health food -oriented retailers, also the ones that sell high price point special products.

Puhdistamo – Real Foods Oy, the manufacturer of the luxury beverage products from Finland, will exhibit at Natural & Organic Products Asia (NOPA). If you are interested in meeting them, CLICK HERE to register your admission badge now!

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