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  • Booth no.: D03
  • Company: A. T. P. CO., LTD.
  • Product Category:  Natural Beauty & Spa
  • Products: enge Beauty Collagen Peptide

Profile and Product Description:
enge Beauty Collagen Peptide was rated ‘excellent’ in the Fashion Guide (FG) magazine in February 2015 for product improving elasticity and brilliance of the skin,. With a beauty patented ingredient, Beauty Collagen Peptide helps to minimize the effect of aging on your body.[:zh]

  • 展位編號: D03
  • 參展商: A. T. P. CO., LTD.
  • 產品類別:  天然美容及水療產品
  • 產品: 鷹記維他 膠原胜肽

鷹記維他 膠原胜肽於2015年2月榮獲FG雜誌頒發特優標章,產品在提升皮膚彈性、肌膚透亮感、效果產生速度、維持度、溶解速度、散發氣味及口感方面都得到極高的評價。本產品使用美容專利膠原胜肽,可有效達到逆齡的效果。[:]