Ms. Witraporn Pimpla established Znya Organics because of her experience of having skin allergy caused by the usual skincare products in the market. Then when she started to use organic skincare products, the skin allergy was cured. In order to ensure that she has safe and pure organic skincare products to use every day, she decided to produce her own ones and Znya Organics started to develop since then.

What makes your brand unique in the market?
My products are so unique because the ingredients are all food which we consume in the kitchen which is certainly different from the other certified organic products in the market. The products are USDA certified and contain no steroid yet are able to heal the body from many issues including rash, itchy, redness and skin allergy, and they can be used on a daily basis.

What is the main reason for you to enter the natural beauty market?
We believe that beauty starts with health. Therefore we enter the natural beauty market to help people become truly beautiful by being healthy, and using the skincare products with less chemicals would definitely help.

How do you maintain your competitiveness in the fast-growing and changing market?
We believe that every customer deserves the best products from us. Therefore, as a responsible manufacturer, we have to ensure that our products are safe and have the highest quality. It is the only way to gain customers’ trust.

What are your strategies to grow brand awareness and increase market acceptance?
We started with website and social media platforms to educate people about organic products and how to become healthy by using those products. We also exhibit in different expositions around the world to increase brand awareness. We strive for excellence in product manufacturing by ensuring the ingredients we use having the highest quality.

What should buyers look for or consider when purchasing natural beauty products?
Buyers should know what they really need and acquire the knowledge about the natural and organic products they are looking for. Then they will be able to choose the suitable and quality products by reading the ingredient listing and nutrition label. Besides, they should also be familiar with different organic certifications since they are all different in terms of requirements and limitations. And this is one of the ways to identify the products which truly cater their needs.

How does NOPA facilitate your business development?
NOPA creates an ideal business and trade platform for both suppliers and buyers from around the world. Buyers are here to look for good natural and organic products and suppliers hope to meet them and introduce their brands to them. We are also here to meet the great buyers coming from across the region.

What will you bring to NOPA 2017? What feedback from the buyer do you expect?
We will bring over our award-winning and innovative products including: Certified Organic Neem Bath products, Certified Organic Oral Care Products and Certified Organic Baby Balm Besides, a wide range of USDA Organic Certified products such as Baby products, hair care, body care and wellness products will also be available.

We want to extend our customer network from Thailand to other countries worldwide. We really want to see buyers being interested in our products and tell us more about their thoughts. We also hope to gain buyers’ trust and have them distributing our products to their customers.

What are the new Asia markets that you plan to tap into?

The next markets that we are planning to enter are Taiwan, Japan and China. Nowadays, Chinese people face different kinds of skin problems. Even babies and kids often suffer from eczema and skin allergy. We really hope to help them by providing them with our products. However, Singapore and Korea are also the new Asia markets that we are interested in.

Blessed Products of Asia Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of the natural and organic products under the Znya Organics brand, has confirmed the participation in NOPA 2017. If you are interested in meeting Ms. Witraporn Pimpla and know more about her products, please visit their booth and she will be happy to meet you.

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