Chris James Mind Body, a premium health and wellness brand from the UK, will bring over their restorative yoga techniques, wellness method and popular supplement products to NOPA this year for catering market needs in Asia.

Yoga and Mindfulness Experience

1.What makes you become enthusiastic about yoga and mindfulness? 

I entered the yoga and meditation space purely by chance. I was living in India in my 20’s and kept meeting people who were studying and practicing Yoga. I was inspired by them. I firstly went to Rishikesh and studied with the Bihar school, and later I studied with TKV Desikachar in Chennai. I studied with respected masters.

2. What happened during your first yoga and mindfulness experience and how did the experience affect you?

Long before I ever struck a Yogic pose, the first Yogic technique that I ever did was called Shanka Prakshalana in India. It purges the entire digestive system – and this for me was my baptism of fire!  I’ve always known that the gut is key – it’s the seat of all human health after all. This technique enabled me to reach the pinnacle of physical and mental health. By ridding my body of toxins, particularly undigested rubbish in our gut!

3. What do yoga and mindfulness mean to you?

I studied yoga and Ayurveda in India after my studies at Kings College London.  When you study yoga in India, they are taught together as two sides of the same coin. While Yoga is the science of the realisation of the all encompassing spirit, Ayurveda is the science which enables the Spirit to live healthily in the mind and body. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal experiences occurring in the present moment. Mindfulness gives Yoga and Ayurveda its functionality.

Human Well-being Business

4. Why did you want to start a business focusing on human well-being?

Chris James Mind Body has come very naturally out of my own life experiences. My back ground is teaching Yoga and meditation. In the year 2004, I developed a simple 12 days programme for my one-on-one clients who were typically under exercised, overworked, stressed, and exhausted to bring back wellness into their lives.  The program combined herbs and supplements with dietary guidelines.

My one on one clients started to see noticeable shifts and improvements in their health and well being.  And since then, it has transformed thousands of people’s lives for the better. The success of “12 Days” Cleanse gave birth to our product range of cleanse and detoxification supplements which are stocked at leading retailers in the UK.

5. What are the keys to human well-being? 

For your health, I recommend 3 – 4  x 12 Day cleanses every year.  Spring and Autumn are usually the most popular times. With Summer (for beach body readiness) and post festive excesses in January popular too.

Intelligent movement is also key to human well-being, whether in the form of Yoga or Pilates.  For Cardio vascular health, I recommend swimming, cycling or running.  I personally like to combine running with yoga.

I also have an active life of meditation and prayer.  This helps to build perspective into my life, and let go of expectations.

6. What is the role of Chris James Mind Body in one’s journey to wellness?

Chris James Mind Body is a premium health and wellness brand that offers a 360 degree natural approach to achieving optimal levels of health and vitality year round. Our restorative yoga techniques, wellness method and popular supplement products have transformed the lives of many – whether to balance and restore sleep patterns, improve digestion, combat anxiety or any other chronic conditions caused by the stress and toxicity of modern living.  My new book Mind Body Cleanse (Penguin), has been hailed as the perfect antidote for stressed and busy lives. The 12-Day Plan holistic plan will help you to restore energy, acuity and cleanse your whole body, starting with the seat of all health – the gut.

About NOPA 2017

7. Why do you take part in NOPA 2017?

Asia is the most exciting market in the world, and it is becoming the key region for natural and organic suppliers from the UK. Hong Kong is the ideal platform for UK suppliers, with its historical links, and is ideally placed to enter this amazing regional market.

“Hong Kong is traditionally the trend setting capital of Asia, and is regarded as a trusted gateway to China.”

I am confident that our natural and organic 360 degree approach and offering will give Asian consumers’ exactly what they are looking for.

The statistics for Diabetes and Heart disease and Obesity are increasing at an alarming rate in Asia.  Environmental toxins and pollution, the demographic of a burgeoning elderly population is increasing, together with a lengthening life expectancy.  Consumers are looking for healthy options and answers to modern sedentary lifestyles.

Our products and programmes are designed for precisely this – to facilitate health and longevity in our customers.

8. What will you introduce to the NOPA 2017 visitors?

We will bring three top products from the UK:

“12 Days” Cleanse:  More than just a Detox – “12 days” is a complete program of blood and tissue regeneration, that combines the benefits of dietary guidance, mouth watering recipes, and optimally enhanced high quality internal formulations.  Prepare to be amazed at the results.

“Gorgeous Greens”:  100% organic green daily superfood supplement with enzymes to stimulate digestion, Gorgeous Greens is a unique blend of chlorophyll rich green foods, containing two different types of sea weed from the clean waters of north west Scotland.  Gorgeous Greens is delicious when added to freshly pressed juices and smoothies!

“Brilliant Biotic”:  Brilliant Biotic is an advanced high quality 16- strain 30 billion cfu probiotic designed for everyday use. Real health and beauty begins in the gut.

9. Who are you looking forward to meet and what kind of feedback do you expect to receive from them?

We have made an increasing amount of sales into Asia over the last two years.  NOPA is our first opportunity that we have had to connect with our Asian consumers and we are hugely excited about this!

NOPA will create the ideal platform for us to meet the partners and potential distributors who will help us to grow our business in Asia.  We believe that Buyers are here to look for the best natural and organic products, and we will be there to meet them.

Our wish-list of markets in Asia is Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

Meet Chris James at NOPA 2017

Visit Chris at booth G07 and he will be delighted to tell you more about his brand, products, and exciting experiences.

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