Established in 2002 with a mission to bring health to Asia, Food for Life Emporium is a family owned business by Ada and Denise. From whole-food supplements, gluten free and dairy foods to organic skin care, they source internationally for products made for health.

Currently the company represents 16 brands in Hong Kong, China and Macau. The mother-daughter team has battled cancer three times between both of them. This gave them passion which founded their mission to ensure the best of quality of every product they bring to the consumers.

Denise shares her insights into the Asian natural and organic market, and what they are going to share with you at the coming Natural and Organic Products Asia (NOPA).

What are the latest trends for natural and organic food in Asia?

Anything targeting beauty and weight loss is always a trend in Asia, no matter whether it’s skincare products or food. For beauty much of the focus has been on firming and antiaging naturally whether it’s with cream or supplements. And weight loss has had a focus more on following certain diets like the paleo diet and taking supplements that can enhance one’s weight loss regiment.

What are the characteristics of the local consumers and the consumers in Asia?

There are two types of consumers, the quick fix and the understanding. The latter one has a  preference towards whole food nutrition and healing thanks to our roots in Chinese medicine and herbs. We are seeing a shift towards the latter. Still, much education and understanding on the industry is needed. Organic is good but it doesn’t necessarily mean all natural is worse. Consumers are relying on logos and marketing jargon rather than understanding the differences and reading the nutrition table and ingredients panel.

What is your opinion about the Asian market/ local market for natural and organic food?  

From speaking to those around me, I sense that there is a great confusion but at the same time a great desire to understand. There needs to be more public awareness and information about the definition of all these terms like natural, organic, hormone free, hypoallergenic etc. And ultimately there should be a government body that can regulate it and set up guidelines for all these. We have a Hong Kong organic certification but nobody knows what the regulations and rules are.

Why did you decide to take part in NOPA?

We’re always keen on getting more exposure for our brands and this show is a good place for that. It’s a gathering of people interested in this sector and those lookingfor consumers with this same interest. Natural and organics is moving into the masses ,and I believe this is the way it should go.

What are the new products that you will present at NOPA?
We have a lot of new and exciting products this year!

Flora: Baobites which uses the baobab superfruit as a base

Superdiet: Vivaflore is a herbal transit tablet without senna and with probiotics to help with bowel movements

Pana Chocolate: Strawberry and Pistachio, first appearance in Hong Kong

Healthy Crunch: Kale Chip – re-sealable snack packs

Luv Sum: Energy Protein Snack Balls from Australia

Apropolis: Propolis Spray with honey and mint

Who do you expect to meet during the expo? And what kinds of feedback do you want to receive?

Buyers, restaurant and café owners, shop owners, anyone under the sun. As I mentioned, natural and organics is for all. It’s for the people and the future of our planet. Everyone should have an interest in this now. I’m always open to feedback on any of our products and love learning from others through healthy discussions.

Meet Denise and Ada at NOPA 2017 

Denise and Ada will introduce their premium brands and share their inspiring stories at NOPA. Be sure to visit Food for Life at stand J22 to  find out more.

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