[May 9, 2016, Hong Kong] In the year 2000, the World Health Organisation began its discussion of nutrition in the first 1,000 days for newborns and mothers. This essential topic raises awareness of the mother and her newborn’s nutritional needs during the period spanning from the three months before pregnancy to two years after the child is born.

This is said to be the crucial time during which the growth and well-being of the newborn will be determined, especially in pregnancy and pre-pregnancy. If the mother can achieve nutritional balance and gain access to proper health management, these efforts will contribute significantly to the newborn’s health and development.

Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days: A Key Time for Mother and Child

The Women’s Health Association of Taiwan recently published a research report that indicated local women’s knowledge and recognition of the “nutrition in the first 1,000 days” concept is weak.

The organisation’s vice-chairman Dr Zheng Bo-ren, who also has expertise in obstetrics and gynaecology, says the first 1,000 days are so crucial because external environmental factors will likely affect the genes, while other factors such as nutritional deficiencies and the absorption of excess toxins will significantly affect foetal development. For example, if the foetus experiences undernourishment, the chance of that newborn having heart disease or other diseases will increase. In addition, if during pregnancy the mother suffers from pregnancy-induced hypertension or gestational diabetes, this will also put her health at risk.

Zheng suggests that during the 1,000-day period, women should continue to eat a healthy diet, and that the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding stages should all be balanced with a variety of nutritional supplements. Due to the different nutritional needs of each stage, in addition to consuming natural foods, the intake of appropriate health supplements with natural ingredients are also preferable.

Natural and Organic Products: A Solution for the Well-Being of Mother and Child

In recent years, natural and organic products for the mother-and-child market have been growing steadily. The “no additives” feature of natural and organic products have built trust and loyalty as consumers try to avoid chemicals and toxic elements that can be absorbed by both child and mother.

Natural and organic products have become much more diverse; apart from food and beverages, these days there are a wide variety of personal care products, daily necessities and nutritional supplements available.

In order to meet the huge Asian market demands for natural and organic products for mother and child, the annual Natural & Organic Products Asia sources the world’s best, newest, and highest-quality natural and organic products in the industry, and aims to provide relevant information on the market and its developing trends.

Natural & Organic Products Asia: The Best Products and Suppliers for Mother and Child

In August, the third Natural & Organic Products Asia exhibition will put forth its expertise in sourcing and showcasing the best products from suppliers from around the world. This year, a few of these offerings include:

  1. Bentley Organic – Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer

The Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer from Britain’s Bentley Organic is made with 90% organic materials. Taking care of skin and killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria, it contains organic aloe vera for moisturising and is alcohol-free to avoid skin irritation by harmful chemicals. (Exhibitor: Bentley Organic Trading Limited; Booth B42)

  1. Tsuno – Sustainable Bamboo and Corn Fibre Sanitary Pads and Liners

Tsuno’s sustainable bamboo and corn fibre sanitary pads and liners are individually wrapped in biodegradable plastic sleeves, and packaged in a beautiful recyclable cardboard box featuring a pattern by an Australian artist, which changes periodically. Tsuno is an Australian-based social enterprise that donates 50% of profits to charities that support women living in poverty. (Exhibitor: Tsuno; Booth D05)

  1. Natracare – Feminine Care Products

Natracare has been the world’s leading purveyor of organic feminine hygiene products since 1989. Selling in more than 60 countries and receiving more than 20 organic, environmental and ethical awards, Natracare is highly recommended by gynaecologists and dermatologists in Europe. Natracare’s products are made of 100% organic cotton and biodegradable materials, and are completely chlorine-free. (Exhibitor: ProFone (Hong Kong) Ltd; Booth E21)

  1. Apple Cider High Strength, Hair Volume, Blue Berry Eyebright

Apple Cider may help maintain a healthy body, fluid balance and breakdown of fat in the digestive system. Hair Volume helps maintain the appearance of beautiful hair, with natural apple procyanidine B2. Blue Berry Eyebright helps to maintain eyesight, with high concentration of blueberries and lutein. (Exhibitor: New Nordic Healthbrands AB; Booth: E06)

  1. Penny Price – Chamomile German Hydrolat

Hydrolats are the aromatic waters produced by the steam distillation of botanical material, usually during the production of essential oils. They are gentle and effective, and contain only the most water-soluble chemicals from the plant material plus microscopic drops of the essential oils. To help maintain healthy skin, they can be used as a facial spritzer, added to a bath and much more.  (Exhibitor: Penny Price Aromatherapy Hong Kong Limited; Booth B12)

  1. NAVEEN Feminine Wash

NAVEEN Feminine Wash, a super mild amino acid based cosmos organic cleanser. It contains 100% natural ingredients and organic ingredients made up 13% of the total. It was proved to be non-allergic by the American AMA Laboratory and dermatologists. The key ingredients including organic rosewater and lavender Hydrosol can gently cleanse and prevent odor to maintain a well state for the private part. (Exhibitor: EverGoods Global Co., Ltd.; Booth: B02)

Natural & Organic Products Asia is the ideal business platform for the natural and organic industry. Health enthusiasts and industry operators can source the newest and best natural and organic products. The third Natural & Organic Products Asia will be held in Hall 1DE of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 31 to September 2. It is expected to reach more than 9,000 international buyers from the industry to source natural and organic foods, personal care products, nutritional products, daily necessities and other related services.

To find out more about the Natural & Organic Products Asia, or to make a booth reservation, visit www.naturalproducts.com.hk or contact us directly.

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